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The team is driven by a very simple philosophy.

Our insatiable tenacity to provide world class services well admired by the rest.

This desire translates to three strategic fronts which we will be focusing on :

Everyday, our customer service executives come across numerous of requests and enquires. Some take it the way it is. However in Amax, we insist that the prices have been refined time and over again to best suit your needs, It is competitive pricing you are talking about.

The moment the deal is clinched, we go the extra mile to ensure that the goods arrive on time, at your doorstep. Our logistics hubs span across the world, which caters to your needs no matter where you are.We believe in the efficiency of the delivery.

Only the highest quality is served to our customers. The components we endorse went through stringent selection criterias for quality and are all in compliance with RoHS Regulations. We went through the hassle because we care.