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Franchise Distribution for Reputable Components Manufacturer

Diversity and Quality comes together in the products Amax distributes. You will be exposed to a diverse range of high quality components, all of which are in compliance with RoHS regulations.

System Solutions for Principal Product

It is not common that we have Product Designs with all the design circuitry in place. Our experts are able to make precise recommendations for the specific circuitry you require, along with reference design solutions from our Principals.

Vendor Mananged Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service improves efficiency in the supply chain and reduces overall costs as well. Customer reduces the need of having to keep stocks in hand as our logistics hub would take care of the inventory, until it is ready for use.

Component Sourcing and Trading

Some components might be hard to source in the vast market of Electronics. We have competent Sales Application Engineers (SAE) who can seek these components, even with the most uncompromising specifications you can imagine.

Kitting Services

Customers would inevitably be concerned when it comes to the Price, Delivery, Quality and Diversity of the electronic components companies distribute. Time is definitely of essence. At Amax, we recognize your needs.

Send us your Bill of Materials (BOM) and we will have our experts to determine the best price from an assortment of reputable components we carry, in the shortest time possible.